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4 Tips For Getting Over a Cold

Ugh, colds. The stuffed, then runny, then stuffed, then runny nose. The gut wrenching coughs after any type of physical activity. Head colds are worst, am I right?

If it was only sniffling and coughing, it wouldn’t be a problem to continue working out full boar through a cold. Unfortunately there are usually a few tagalong symptoms like a severe lack of energy (despite going to bed earlier), poorer quality sleep, and the food cravings.

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Leverage the Power of Compound

In the past month I’ve written about how to get started a few times; here, here, and here. Once you’ve gotten started, by maintaining momentum and continuing to be consistent you create compounding efforts. Consistency and compounding efforts are money when it comes to positive and negative results.

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The Truth About Cardio and Weight Loss

It happens over and over and over again. People finally get motivated to lose weight and take steps to make it happen. They vow to eat better; cut out the junk food, cook more, drink less. They put down money for a gym membership or invest real money in some fitness equipment. When day one arrives, they jump into a heavy duty cardio program.

That’s all well and good if you like doing cardio. What I tend to hear is the opposite. When I ask these particular people how their program is coming along they get a look on their face. You know the look. The one where it’s as if you were kids on the playground and you just caught them doing something wrong that they didn’t want to admit.

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Take Your Excuse and Shove it: Genetics

How often have you heard someone who’s overweight talk about their genetics? Blaming their genes for “storing too much fat” or suggesting they have big bones. Bad thyroids, hormone imbalances, and older generations have all been put in front of the firing squad when it comes to reasons obese people don’t change.

Having “bad genetics” is an excuse, plain and simple. People with legitimate genetic issues have been able to lose weight so there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

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Important First Steps When Losing Weight

When you start the process of losing weight it’s quite easy to get discouraged quickly; the unfortunate side effect of perception and reality. Your perception is that no matter what you do it isn’t working because you can’t see anything different about yourself. From a young age we’re all taught that seeing is believing. So, if visible changes don’t happen in the first couple weeks our minds start playing tricks on us.

It doesn’t matter what the reality is, what is staring back at you in the mirror is your reality. This is the most dangerous time of any weight loss program because you won’t register any significant changes to your body for several weeks after starting. How do you get through this hurdle and make sure you stay the course?

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