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How to Exercise with Injuries

Occasionally, injuries happen. Sometimes they happen because of exercising other times it’s unrelated. Regardless, it effects how we can perform in the gym. The decision you need to make is whether you’ll let it derail you or not.

It is possible to continue exercising with an injury. The key point about doing so is being smart about it. You don’t want to keep doing what you were doing before, especially if it involves heavy workouts that will only serve to aggravate your injury.

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Why am I Doing This

Sometimes I think I’m crazy for doing this. For creating a site based on health and fitness. For getting into a business that is saturated with intelligent, enthusiastic, charismatic, and better looking people than I am. For writing about topics where anecdotal philosophies are often far more popular than proven scientific evidence.

Seriously, what am I thinking?!

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Essential Apps for Losing Weight

Technology is everywhere, it’s a fact of life. Because so many tech companies have found success through collecting data they believe that the same must be true for health (ironic considering how unhealthy the snack bars are at most tech companies). This movement has been dubbed “Quantified Self” and is all about gathering as much data about your body as possible in an effort to improve health.

This has led to a boom in apps and wearables which are now flooding the market. Everything from one-off apps tracking a specific activity (e.g., sit-up apps) to apps which promise a full experience of coaching as well as tracking nutrition and exercise. There is no longer a big fish in a small pond, now it’s a lot of fish in an ocean.

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There is No Secret Formula

If magazines and talk show doctors are to be believed, every week there’s a new miracle cure or secret formula for losing weight or getting super healthy (whatever that means). It’s no surprise these miracles and secrets are different every week. These “experts” are playing on your desire for instant gratification and immediate results. Sorry to break the news, but there is no miracle cure. There is no secret formula to lose weight.

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The Importance of Moderation

If you asked a bunch of people on the street what they thought it took in order to achieve a toned or muscular physique, I’m betting a couple of the following choice words would come up:

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