Training Shouldn’t Rule Your Life

Eric Bach, a coach based out of Colorado, wrote a great article on training perspective. He points out that unless you’re training for a competitive sport your life should not be ruled by your training (strength training specifically). A poignant quote from the article:

Your 43 year-old attorney client doesn’t give corn-laced poops what he bench presses — he’d rather be able to throw the football with his son this weekend pain-free and look good naked for his wife then bench 315 or spend five sessions working on his sticking points.

And another one:

Seriously, what the hell are you training for? To be better at the things you want to do, but then never do them because it interferes with your 95% 1-RM set coming up tomorrow?

You can read the full article on Roman Fitness Systems website here:

Pros and Cons of Cookie Cutter Workout Programs

The staggering rate of the rise of obesity in the world today is a scary sight to see. Especially for trainers, coaches, and anyone looking to help others make good choices and improve their health. Unfortunately there’s a problem of scale; there aren’t enough people helping and there are way too many people who need help.

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Eat less and move more crossed out

Eat Less Move More: It’s Not That Simple

Eat less and move more crossed outSuccessful and sustainable weight loss is difficult, there’s no doubt about it. Those models you see in health magazines posing beside captions saying “Get a six-pack in 6 weeks” and “Secrets to getting tight and toned” work hard to get those bodies; the people coming up with the ridiculous headlines beside them are another matter.

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jennings digital scale

2 Essential Tools for Keeping Your Nutrition on Point

By now you’ve probably heard the old saying that losing weight is “20% exercise and 80% nutrition” or some variation. Without getting into a debate about exact percentages one thing all good coaches can agree on is that nutrition is very important. It’s also one of the hardest things for people to stick to and get right.

These days, in our wonderfully technology filled culture, there are thousands of apps, doodads, gizmos, and systems trying to get your attention (and money). Each one explaining how they’re better than the last and how much easier they are to use. It’s all bullshit. In order to keep your nutrition on point you need exactly two tools; a digital food scale and a food log.

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High Performance Handbook

What happens when one of the best coaches out there decides he wants to make other trainers and coaches better? Well, in most cases he probably puts on a seminar that costs thousands of dollars to attend and you still have to pay to get there. I mean, if I had the knowledge Eric Cressey does that’s how I’d do it.

But noooooo. Instead of doing that, he went ahead and created the High Performance Handbook. This is not your normal handbook though. This handbook was written by a man who has an amazing ability to explain things in a way that almost anyone can understand (meaning you don’t need a science degree).

The goal of High Performance Handbook is to teach you how to create your own programs. If you want to lose weight, build muscle, become a coach, become a better coach, you need this.

Go get your copy of High Performance Handbook now!

Cooking Rice With Fewer Calories

Someone pointed me to an article in the Washington Post about reducing the calories in rice by adding coconut oil before cooking and immediately cooling the rice afterwards. It turns out doing this changes the chemicals in the rice creating the reduction in calories.

What the article doesn’t tell you is exactly how the rice is changed or how the macronutrients are affected. Until that information comes out I’m skeptical and wouldn’t recommend it.

Article: Scientists have discovered a simple way to cook rice that dramatically cuts the calories